I learnt to properly cook when I moved away to university and realized that I couldn’t survive off super-noodles and frozen pizzas. My dad provided me with some staple recipes – spag bol, curry, chilli etc all the basics but in second year my love for cooking grew and I became more carbohydrate and meat conscious – I started following bloggers such a madeleine shaw and deliciouslyella and decided to develop different recipes; some that would require a fair bit of time in the kitchen but mainly those that arose from what leftovers I could find in the fridge (I hate food waste so this gave my creativity a challenge). Many of these recipes are quick and can be made the night before to take for a speedy lunch or made in bulk and frozen for even quicker evening meals.

Creamy Cod and Chorizo

Chicken noodle soup

Roast Vegetable Tagine

Baked stuffed aubergine

Creamy Vegetarian Courgetti

Butternut Squash Spaghetti

Pumpkin, Sage, Brown Rice Risotto

Vegan Multiple Bean Chilli

Lighter Fish and Chips

Turkey Mince Bolognese

LowFod Map Chicken Curry

Baked Lemon Salmon