Another Heart To Feed

Amazing lighting, check. Beautiful food, check. Aesthetically pleasing latte art on your oh so hipster matcha latte, check. Another heart to feed ticks all my boxes and more but was it really everything I had hoped for and more?! Urm…. yes!

Breakfast Board and Banana Bread

Breakfast Board and Banana Bread

The strikingly colourful exterior renders this little gem as something that simple can not be missed, even if you tried! The more minimalist interior lends itself to provide a slightly Scandinavian feel although I am guessing it is meant to be in keeping with the distinctively Australian vibe the owners wanted to portray.

Another Heart To Feed

Another Heart To Feed

The staff were lovely, the food was not the fatest thing in the world but I had a great spot by the window to people watch so there were no complaints from me. The allowance of dogs made it feel slightly more like a friendly neighbourhood eatery rather than another coffee shop chain. After studying the instagram for weeks in advance I knew I had to try the breakfast board. This offering provided a portion of the sourdough toast, beetroot hummus, smashed avocado and a cute side bowl of yoghurt, granola and fruit drizzled with delicious honey and a side of very fresh OJ. I of course topped my sourdough with a perfectly poached egg and ordered some banana bread to share on the side. My protein junky partner was satisfied by 4 eggs on sourdough. I adored the fact that the breakfast board was a reasonably priced option to satisfy both the savoury and sweet breakfast cravings we all have.

Delicious Brunch

The place was very busy but not hectic and everything seemed to run rather smoothly although the tables after us did encounter a slight wait but nobody seemed bothered. Including a matcha latte and another fresh orange juice the bill came to just under £30 which is reasonable. However, I thought over £7 for one slice of banana bread, marscapone and berries was a little steep… but maybe I am just greedy and would have eaten way more?! Who knows… (disclaimer… I totally could have eaten more).

Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte

If you love instagrammable food that actually also tastes amazing then please head down to this cafe! Go early to avoid a wait and grab a seat in the window to people watch the civilians of Manchester.

In my element

In my element


Food- 8.5/10 (but I am bias to breakfast food as they are my favourite…)

Atmosphere- 7/10

Choice- 7/10

Service- 8/10

Website –

Location – 77-79 Chapel St, Manchester, Salford M3 5BZ


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