Picky Party Pâté Platter

Contrary to my fussier days when I would not eat anything, I now am the sort of person who loves to pick at absolutely everything. Why eat one type of food when you can eat ten?! This style of eating always works great when entertaining and usually requires very little actual cooking. So when I receive a batch of Castle Maclellan Pate’s* to try, I thought this would be a great time to invite the parents to dinner. I admit, I have never really been much of a pate person and I was a bit apprehensive about trying these. This may be because I have never really been exposed to it (and if you would have said ‘chicken liver’ to 10 year old me I probably would have winced and pulled my face but now I have discovered how delicious it can be!). The Scottish heather honey added a full bodied flavour to the pate but in my opinion the vegetarian oven roasted mushroom option was even tastier!

Pate Platter

What I Used – 

1 tub Castle Maclellan Chicken Liver Pate with Honey*

1 tub Castle Maclellan Mushroom Pate*

Wedge of Brie

Chunk of Cheddar

Handful Ritz Crackers

Bunch of Grapes

1-2 Brown Baguettes

Packet of Proscuitto

Big handful of Mixed Leaf Salad (optional dressing – olive oil + balsamic)

1 large Spiralized/Grated Carrot

(optional but tasty extras – caramelised onion chutney, wensleydale with cranberries, Camembert, smoked cheese, salami, chorizo, gerkins, sundried tomatoes)

Serves 2-3


Chicken Liver Pate

What to do –

Simply arrange everything on the board… it really is that simple! Then enjoy!


Mushroom Pate


*More about Castle Maclellan’s Pate here- http://castlemaclellan.co.uk/our-pate.html ❤ xx




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