One Saturday evening my Persian partner (who, against cliched expectations, had never really eaten Indian food in the past). I have been hinting that I wanted to pay a visit to one and he secretly turned to trip advisor and came across this little gem.


Indique Interior

My first impressions were admittedly not that great as the outside has quite a take-away/curry mile decor with a huge lit up sign and fairy lights in the window. Although you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover as the decor inside was lovely and there was a nice relaxed feel to the diners and friendliness from all of the staff.

Dahi Puri and Chicken Tikka

Dahi Puri and Chicken Tikka

I liked the menu, not because I instantly loved the contents because to be honest, I am a bit of an Indian novice and tended to stick to the basic and westernised Chicken Tikka Massala, especially within in my fussier days. However, because indique offered so many different choices that moved away from the typical dishes I knew I had to try something new. We decided to share the Dahi Puri and Tandoori Chicken and my partner who loves lamb opted for the “Sag Gosht”, which was a medium spiced lamb and spinach curry and after around 20 minutes of re-read every bit of the menu I decided to be brave and try the Lau Mussallam which is a marrow stuffed with cottage cheese, potato and cashew nut in a caramelised onion, yoghurt and tomato, cashew sauce. We opted for pilau rice (always a safe bet) and paratha bread for our sides, which took me back to my time in Malaysia so the nostalgia alone made this delicious. Overall, we were very impressed, the starters were beautifully presented and the chicken was cooked to perfection. My partner was impressed by his lamb dish as it was tender and I was very pleasantly surprised with my dish. At first when it arrived I thought I may have ended the meal hungry but it was deceptively filling yet equally delicious.

Lau Mussallam

Lau Mussallam

The service was attentive throughout, yet we were not made to feel rushed and the complimentary poppadoms were a nice touch. The bill totalled less than £40.00 which is more than reasonable for the quality that we received (this was food alone as we weren’t drinking alcohol).


Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun

If you are in the area, I would definitely recommend and please do try some of the more ‘unique’ dishes because as the name suggests this really does live up to its unique statement and they need to be experienced first hand to understand.



Food- 7.5/10

Atmosphere- 6/10

Choice- 7/10

Service- 8/10

Website –

Location – 110-112 Burton Rd, Manchester M20 1LP




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