Berry Baked Oat Muffins

Baked oats are such a convenient breakfast. My vegan banana baked oats and super easy to make in a batch but sometimes you want smaller, easier to transport portions that can be eaten on the go as muffins or reheated for a tasty breakfast. My fruity baked oat recipe is not vegan but the egg could be substituted for a small banana, however they will not be as firm. Any berries could be used as they create a juicy, moist texture that makes these irresistible to just eat one!


60ml milk of choice

1 egg

30g oats

50g berries of choice

1/4 tsp cinnamon or cacao powder



Heat the oven to 180 degrees celsius,

Mix all of the ingredients in a bowl and place into a silicon muffin mould or muffin cases,

Bake for 25-30 minutes until turning golden and nice and firm, simple as that!


{Top tip – make the night before for a speedy breakfast the next day served with delicious yogurt and more berries} ❀ xx


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