Raspberry Overnight Oats

Personally, I think raspberries are my favourite fruit – I absolutely love the delicious sweet but slightly tangy taste but for some reason I am slightly unsure of the furry texture. This beautifully bright pink overnight oats bowl gives you the deliciousness of the raspberries but with a silky texture that also encompasses theย gentle crunch of the nuts and dried fruit from the muesli. This breakfast can easily be made vegan and requires less than five minutes effort the night before and makes for a speedy yet nutritious breakfast!



50g Frozen Raspberries (defrosted)

50g Greek Yoghurt (or sub for alpro or coconut yoghurt to keep vegan)

150ml Milk of Choice (I used soy)

5g Chia seeds

5g Runny Honey

20g Rolled oats (I used quaker)

25g Muesli (I like fruit and nut mix)

Handful of Raspberries and Blueberries to serve



Defrost the raspberries until soft and mix with the yoghurt and milk of choice,

Weigh out the oats, muesli and chia seeds and add into the pink milky mixture,

Mix everything together and stir through the honey – leave in the fridge overnight and top with more berries in the morning – it is literally that easy!

Then enjoy!


{Top Tip- if slightly thick just add some more milk or too thin add extra chia seeds} โค xx


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