Sweet Protein Omelette Bowls

I love porridge and pancakes for breakfast but sometimes you want to satisfy that sweet craving with something low carb, high protein and just that bit different, that can be made in advance and reheated. I have been making sweet omelettes for years but now I have tweaked the recipe and discovered that if served in a bowl it holds all the delicious yoghurt and fruit toppings without making too much mess!



1 egg

10g soy protein

80ml almond (or any other) milk

1 heaped tsp of  raw cacao or 1/2 tsp of cinnamon

coconut oil for cooking

toppings – endless possibilities but I tend to start with yoghurt then I like; honey caramelised bananas with pecans and date syrup OR mixed berries, flaked almonds, coconut, chia seeds and maple syrup OR cooked peaches, a couple of berries, crushed almonds ETC, ETC….


Whisk the egg, protein, milk, flavour of choice until a smooth flussy batter forms

heat a frying pan with some coconut oil on a medium low heat, add the batter and cook for  few minutes until a smooth omlette is formed (like a giant pancake so do not touch) place  under the grill on a medium heat for a few more minutes until completely cooked.

Either serve immediately moulded into a bowl with toppings of choice or tinfoil and refrigerate when cool and reheat the next day.


❤ xx


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