Perfect Porridge

Porridge is definitely one of my favourite things to eat for breakfasts and since I stopped obsessively tracking my macros and calorie counting I have been eating it a lot more, as it is such a versatile and easy dish and can be topped with pretty much anything you have in- it tastes delicious cooked in a pan but using a microwave helps to speed up the process making it a great work time breakfast!


See below for my favourite porridge recipes which can be easily adapted or changed but make great bases for fantastic, tasty and balanced breakfast

Banana Blueberry Almond Porridge


30g oats

3g chia seeds (optional)

pinch of cinnamon

hanful of blueberries


Almond milk

flaked almonds

whole almonds

honey or maple syrup to taste

optional extras – goji berries, almond butter, mixed seeds, chopped dates



Add the oats, chia seeds, cinnamon and enough almond milk to cover the oats then top up with another 1cm of water to a microwaveable bowl

heat for a minute then remove from microwave and stir

heat for another 30 seconds and add most of the blueberries and stir

cook for another minute or so (add more milk if too thick to achieve desired consistency)

at this point I like to transfer to a new dish and add the banana slices and heat this up but the banana can be left cold

top with the almonds, remaining blueberries, honey and other optional extras



Chocolate orange porridge


30g oats

2g raw cacao powder

milk of choice

Whole satsuma or orange – pelled and segmented

Brazil nuts chopped (optional and can be subbed)



cook the porridge in the same way as the above recipe but instead of adding the blueberries squeeze the juice from half the segments and add them in and continue to cook… Reserve half to top

when cooked top with the remaining orange and chopped nuts




Cacao and strawberry porridge


30g oats

2g raw cacao

milk of choice


chopped mixed nuts



Mix first 3 ingredients and cook porridge as above but do not put the fruit in whilst cooking, top with the strawberries, nuts and anything else you fancy!


Apple pie porridge




30g oats

milk of choice

pinch of nutmeg

Chopped dates

Pecans or walnuts chopped

maple syrup



slice the apple and add to a pan with enough water to cover and a big pinch of cinnamon and boil alway for around 15 minutes till the apple is soft and all the water have started to evaporate so you are just left with soft, cooked cinnamon apple (this can be made in advance and refrigerated and heated when needed)

mix and cook the oats, milk and nutmeg as above

top with the warmed apple, maple syrup and chopped dates, pecans or walnuts




Baked fig and chia seed porridge


20g oats

10g chia seeds

milk of choice

2 figs

maple syrup


chopped nuts and seeds



soak the chia seeds in enough water to cover them for atleast 10 minutes

heat the oven to a medium and add the figs sliced down the middle each way and top with maple syrup and bake for around 20 minutes

mix chia seeds into oats and milk and cook as above

top with sliced banana and nuts



porridge is one of the most versatile breakfasts and can be cooked with or topped with numerous things – porridge should never be seen as a boring breakfast and I hope some of the above recipes have helped to convince you of this!

Top Tip

{most people turn to porridge pots which I find over priced and pointless if you have access to a microwave – I simply weigh out my portions of oats the night before and take them in to make in the morning, simple!}

{invest in a tupperware (preferably pyrex) with a lid as you can take the oats in this and make them in this to avoid microwave messiness from explosions}

{it is important to weigh your oats to avoid overeating and portion control the amount of toppings- mine would be endless if i could!}

❀ xx




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